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Our Client Testimonials

At GEMINI our goal is to help serve our customers better, bottom line! We have the solutions, the service, competitive pricing, and industry trained professionals to help deliver the high quality products and service you expect.

I would recommend or work with Gemini and their people, anytime...anywhere.

I just got back from a Dallas project; Gemini did nine general session rooms across two hotels. The rooms ranged in size from 3000 attendees down to 300 attendees and another group of 4-6 little breakout rooms. The shop: They operate as a full service shop...not just an equipment rental shop. Their pricing is great...they include electrician layout time and shop prep in their rental pricing number.. (Read More)

- Paul Everett, LD

I have worked with the people at Gemini Stage Lighting for almost 20 years in my capacity as a Lighting Designer for industrial and other shows all around the US. I have always found the folks at Gemini to go to whatever lengths necessary to satisfy my needs and the needs of my clients. Gemini personnel are proud of their work and will more than deliver on what they promise, and they do it with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. I’ll continue to use them as my primary lighting vendor whenever possible.

- Greg MacPherson, LD, New York, NY

Working with Gemini has given my shows the opportunity to use cutting edge technology in order to deliver on my clients vision for the project. Gemini's constant work towards their selection updated with the industries latest innovations allows me to keep the look of my shows fresh and always have a cutting edge feel. Whether or not the show has 6 months of pre-production or if we are putting together a package for the same day I can depend on Gemini to provide a consistently high quality service and gear.

- Matt Webb, LD

Whether I have a large or small rental needs Gemini Stage Lighting always come through for me. I usually have my hands full during a production and the last thing I need to worry about is equipment failure. When Gemini walks through my door, I don’t have to worry about a thing because I know they’ll be bulletproof. Their gear always performs and their technicians are true professionals. Gemini Stage Lighting is welcomed to walk onto my stage any day.

- Steven Truitt, Technical Director, Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall

At Gemini, the gear is great. They have all the newest toys that allow us to create memorable visions. But what really sets Gemini apart is their staff. They have the most talented LDs/Programmers, knowledgeable and efficient MEs and a Rental and Sales staff that make every phase of a production, from prepro to load in, show to strike, a smooth and flawless process time after time. The Gemini team not only meets but exceeds our expectations each and every gig.

- Brian Brothers, Creative Director, Planet Productions, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to team with Gemini Stage for many years now. I never worry about production when Gemini is involved. It never matters if my event is large or small, Gemini always delivers top quality production, staff and crew.

- Michelle Trosclair, President, National Entertainment
Database, Inc.

I have used Gemini Stage Lighting for our lighting purposes for many years. Gemini has always had the equipment I needed and delivered the equipment on time. The crew at Gemini Lighting are very friendly, efficient and extremely helpful if I had a lighting problem I needed solved. I will continue to use Gemini Lighting for our lighting needs.

- Steven McAfee, Production manager, "Barney & Friends"

Gemini is always there for me, no matter what the project, big or small, Gemini is always there with excellent service and the best price. When I need vari-lites I make one call to Gemini and the show is done. Gemini makes me look good every time, shows may not happen as planned, but at least the rental does.

- Chad R. Jung Designs, Production manager,
Ft. Worth Opera

The best crews, The best people, The best price, The best buy for a lighting designer!!!

- John P Lord, LD

Whether it’s a large frame digital console or a few sheets of gels, Gemini always has my back. For all my sound and light needs, they are the first ones I call.

- Tommy DeBeaudry, Production manager, House of Blues Dallas

Gemini has great gear but above that they have great people to back it up.

- Chris Burr, President/Reveal Lighting Design Inc.

GSL proves to me every time that they are the best in the industry. The prep work, the equipment, the integrity of their personnel and their willingness and dedication to be the best surpasses all others.

- David M. Schad, Production manager, ZOOM.7, Inc.