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"I would recommend or work with Gemini and their people, anytime...anywhere.

I just got back from a Dallas project; Gemini did nine general session rooms across two hotels. The rooms ranged in size from 3000 attendees down to 300 attendees and another group of 4-6 little breakout rooms.

The shop:
They operate as a full service shop...not just an equipment rental shop.
Their pricing is great...they include electrician layout time and shop prep in their rental pricing number. They understand incluiding spares without killing the budget. Onsite I found some no cost upgrades (like wireless DMX systems) where my Gemini M.E. or programmer in the room wanted to make a load in less stupid.

The people:
These folks all cut their teeth on concert touring, they understand what needs to be on the tail of the truck to save an hour or two at the top of the load in, and they work very hard to put clean gear up on the load in with the mind-set of cutting down on maintenance/replacement time during rehearsals. They also understand corporate...

The Quality:
I track how much gear has to be fixed or replaced onsite as a yardstick of shop quality, and generally how much time I lose to gear being replaced while programming a show.
Here is how they did:
125--moving lights--2 replaced
60--moving lights with custom glass gobos--NO mistakes...NO cracked gobos
86--6' LED strips--NONE with LED mismatched lots (my concern going in was due to the set in the main room needing 340' of LED units to light transformits like a single cyc).
NO problems with consoles, dimmer racks, color scrollers or haze.
NO problems with any data.
NO non-working circuits with cable.
95% of the conventionals would pass a NYC bench focus."