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Meet The Team

GEMINI is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced professionals: Account Managers, Sales, Rentals, Lighting, Video and Sound Engineers, Rigging, Administrative, Corporate, Labor, Warehouse, Production and Services.

Gemini Account Managers

Blake Malcom blake@geminilsv.com
Cassidi Cain DePetris cassidi@geminilsv.com
Jason Cain jcain@geminilsv.com
Scott Dopson scott@geminilsv.com
Richard Martinez richard@geminilsv.com
Clarke Richter clarke@geminilsv.com

Gemini Sales Team

Robin Crouch robin@geminilsv.com

Gemini Sound Engineers

Gemini Light Technicians

Brent Harwell brent@geminilsv.com
Damian Rogers damian@geminilsv.com
Dennis Waite dennis@geminilsv.com
Nick Deel nick@geminilsv.com

Gemini Video Technicians

John Stem john@geminilsv.com

Gemini Labor Coordinators

Doug Alexander doug@geminilsv.com
Sonny Satterfield sonny@geminilsv.com

Gemini Rigging

Dusty Osburn dusty@geminilsv.com

Gemini Service Department

Richie Davis richie@geminilsv.com
Steve Glasow steve@geminilsv.com

Gemini Warehouse Managers

Clint Tompkins clint@geminilsv.com
Ryan Moellenkamp ryan@geminilsv.com

Gemini Administrative Support

David Ratcliffe david@geminilsv.com


Terry Cain terry@geminilsv.com