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Gemini Lighting Rentals

Gemini proudly owns the area’s largest inventory of rental equipment, including conventional and moving lights, consoles, dimmers, LEDs, special effects, follow spots and curtains.

That’s just part of the picture, however. We take great pride in maintaining all of our gear to meticulous standards. Every console must pass a diagnostic test, each lamp is flashed, all dimmers are performance-checked and every single cable is tested…nothing is overlooked. All of this ensures that, not only will you have access to the latest in innovative technology; the gear you rent will operate at optimum performance levels throughout your production.

Gemini strives to provide the best support and customer service in the marketplace. Let us assist in your next production success!

Lighting Equipment - (List Below)


LED Lights


  • Altman
    • Fresnels, Scoop; Cyc lights—Sky Cyc, T3
  • ETC
    • Source Four Ellipsoidal, Source Four Par EA
  • L&E
    • MR-16 strip lights—4’ & 6’

Follow Spot

  • Lycian
    • 2.5, 2K, 1275, 1271, 1272, 1238, Midget


  • ETC
    • Sensor SP 6, 12, 24, 48, 96
  • Gemini Stage Lighting
    • GSL Distribution Box – 12, 24, 36, 48-way


Wireless DMX

  • Doug Fleenor Design

Soft Goods

Special Effects

  • Mirror balls
    • 12”, 18”, 20”, 36”and 48”
  • UV Black light
    • Altman 702, 703; 4’ double tube
  • Strobe
    • Clay Paky Stormy CC;
    • Philips SL NITRO 510C;
    • Martin Atomic 3000;
    • Chauvet Mega Strobe II & III
  • Hazers
    • Reel EFX DF-50; LeMaitre Radiance Hazer;
    • Look Solutions Unique Hazer; LeMaitre G300,
    • LSG Low Smoke Generator, Haze Base-Basehazer,
  • Fog machines
  • Bubble machines
    • LeMaitre Bubble Master 2000 & assorted smaller units
  • Snow machines
    • LeMaitre Silent Storm DMX
  • Confetti
    • Artistry in Motion Big Shots &
    • Mini Blaster continuous feed confetti cannon;
    • XSF Double shot canons; single shot canons; Confetti storm
  • Molefay
    • Emulator
      • Elation Sniper R2


  • Clear-Com Encore Party-line & Tempest 2400

Gemini Sound Rentals

Gemini’s sound department stocks the industry’s premier audio systems. We maintain a considerable supply of digital consoles, high-end speaker systems, outboard analog and digital processing and wireless and wired microphones. Our professional-grade reinforcements include d&b Audiotechnik, EAW, Midas, Powersoft amplifiers, DiGiCo, DiGidesign, Soundcraft, Yamaha and Shure to mention a few. Gemini’s engineers and technicians have a proven track record of providing the highest quality sound reinforcement in the industry, creating extraordinary results for our corporate and touring customers. With precise calculation, we customize each show to ensure optimal performance and auditory clarity.

No matter what the venue, Gemini is geared up to provide a sonic experience.

Sound Equipment - (List Below)

Speaker Cabinets

  • D&B Audiotechnik
    • Q1, Q7, Q10, T10, V8, V12
    • Q subs, J subs, V subs, B4 subs, Infra subs, M4 monitors
    • D6 amps, D12 amps
  • EAW
    • KF 740, 730 Line Array, KF 650, SB 1000 subs
    • SB 250 subs, SB 412, SM500, KF 300

Sound Consoles

Power Amplifiers


  • Shure
    • Wireless-UHF U4 Series, In-Ears Wireless 900, 600 hardwired
    • Self-powered speakers, Mackie Thumpers, RCF

Sound Effects

Gemini Video Rentals

State-of-the-art digital cameras, projectors, switchers, screens, LED walls and fiber optics…Gemini has it all!

Gemini offers the latest in moving content technology for show production. Our impressive list of video gear proves to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. We house the latest from manufactures such as BARCO, Sony, Hitachi, Sanyo, Da-Lite, High End Systems, Elation and Element Labs. From high resolution video walls to screens and projectors and the media servers and switchers to control it all, Gemini’s investment for quality is evident.

Gemini can help you complete the picture.

Video Equipment - (List Below)




  • Sony
    • HVRZ1U-HD, HD270
  • Hitachi
    • HD 5000 2/3 inch w/CCD package Smpte fiber



  • 50” and 60” Plasma Monitors with Plasma Stands


  • Aja
    • KiPro Rack Hard disk


  • Fiber Optic Video Snakes
  • Various Mode Conversion options:
    • Analog to Digital, HDMI to SDI, Fiber to SDI

Gemini Rigging Rentals

Rigging--the structural backbone and most crucial portion to any production environment.

Gemini’s rigging department is committed to meeting our industry’s safety standards. Our certified technicians perform load-barring tests and the required maintenance on each and every motor and rigging paraphernalia in house. We stock a sizeable variety of chain motors, control and all the bits and pieces to properly secure a rigging point. Additionally, we own thousands of linear feet of trussing sections, custom truss shapes, equipment and personnel lifts and cabling. Gemini’s quality and service benchmark strives to exceed your expectations.

Rigging Equipment - (List Below)