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About Us

Our Philosophy

As a trusted partner for businesses, production companies and top talent for over 30 years, Gemini Light Sound & Video is one of the country's premier production companies.  We are the largest dealer in the southwest U.S., and provide turnkey services from design to execution, for any production environment.  Our expertise and inventory make us the clear choice for any production environment, from corporate meetings to arena-size events. 

Why settle for “adequate” when your next production can ROCK!

Our Mission

Gemini’s one-stop-shop philosophy offers our clients the best in the lighting, sound and video worlds. Our meticulous approach to quality control and customer service ensures an optimal level of performance in all departments of our business.

  • Concept and Design services
  • Equipment Rentals and Sales
  • Show Labor
  • Permanent and Mobile Installations
  • Show Production
  • Product Demonstrations and Training

With Gemini as your event partner, you can be confident your message will be delivered with impact! Gemini Light Sound & Video strives to bring you cutting edge technology, innovative products and superior service.

At Gemini we pride ourselves in offering our clients a unique brand of service. Our goal is to provide the best solutions, concepts and products for your project. We take our clients personally.

Gemini Overview

Gemini’s inception can be traced back to the late 1970s. Live entertainment, rock and roll and the Razin’ Cain band all played instrumental roles in launching our business! We soon realized managing gear would be much easier (and profitable) than trying to keep band egos together. Starting with a garage full of par cans—lighting local talents around town. It wasn’t long before we outgrew the garage and needed a warehouse facility. Gemini landed our first “big” gig on the steps of City Hall with Leon Rausch and the Texas Playboys. Shortly thereafter, we were hired to light Point Blank at the Palladium—the momentum was intensifying! Subsequently, we partnered with Showco working in the industrial and special events markets. Hard work, dedication and word-of-mouth helped to reveal the spirit of Gemini LSV.

Corporate Overview

CEO-Founder Terry Cain

Terry Cain exemplifies the entrepreneur spirit! At 9 years old, he began working at a South Dallas gas station sweeping floors and providing extra help to its owners. By 12 he had saved-up enough money to buy the place from the retiring couple!

By the mid 1970s, Terry’s calling was well underway. Some friends in a local band who's gig was double booked had asked for his help in resolving the matter. At that moment, Terry embarked on his new role as band manager, however he soon realized he needed to buy his own PA as the bands rental gear was too unreliable, so the first audio system was purchased! Not long after while enjoying the power trio Black Horse at Mother Blues, he witnessed a small par can lighting rig that really enhanced the show experience--this was the game changer! Gemini was born!

Terry Cain CEO-Founder